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The Practitioners and staff of the North Adelaide Eye Centre are here to provide you with the best possible care and support. 

It is important for you to understand how your co-operation in providing highly personal information enables the care process to be effective and give you the best possible outcomes.  In this regard, we are committed to protecting your privacy in line with National Privacy Principles.

This policy is in place for all parties involved in the collection, storage and use of this information and we are all obligated to abide by the conditions of this agreement.

On becoming a patient in this practice, the following information will be requested, recorded and stored in a file created for you.

We require your full legal name, date of birth, residential and postal addresses and telephone number/s.  These details are crucial for correct identification of each person and relevant to questions that may arise about care and treatment, appointment scheduling and for communication purposes.  We will also need to keep addresses and telephone details current.

Your Medical History – Details about existing medical conditions, allergies, prescribed and non-prescribed medications and allied health care options.  This information is essential in determining your care and outcome/s.

Medicare Number and Health Fund details are required for accounting purposes.  Also Concession details such as Pension Card number, Veterans Affairs Number or Health Care Card numbers where appropriate – again for accounting purposes and for claiming concession benefits when applicable.

Referring practitioner’s name and address and telephone number/s regardless if it is your GP, another Medical Specialist or an Optometrist.  This is to communicate with your referring practitioner about your care and also to ensure you receive a rebate from Medicare for MBS items that are rebatable.

Medical information is recorded on paper files and in some instances on computer.  Paper files are stored in a ‘lockable cabinet’ or in the case of archive material, in a lockable room / storage area. Computer records are protected by ‘password’ access.  All these files are utilised by authorised personnel only.  Any information no longer required is appropriately destroyed by on site shredding to protect identities and personal information.

Your Specialist will write or communicate with your referring practitioner, summarizing the findings and appropriate care/treatment/s as a result of your consultation/s.  From time to time, other practitioners involved in your care may ask for copies of these letters to keep them informed of your condition.  On some occasions, your information may also be relayed to other health providers if deemed to be in your best interest.

Also, occasionally we are required by law to release information relating to public health matters or statutory requirements – this information is kept strictly confidential.

Your written consent is required before we can disclose information to third parties.  However, upon your request, your records and/or medical information can be made available to any Doctor who needs them to assist in your care or provide additional opinion/s.


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